Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Any Friend That Calls You Stingy Is Most Likely An Enemy In Disguise – Omokri

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Former presidential aide Reno Omokri claims that insulting a friend ‘jokingly’ reveals their true feelings about them.

He advised people to pay attention to the tone used when someone makes a joke about their personality or character.

According to Omokri, any friend who jokingly refers to someone as stingy is most likely a disgruntled enemy.

He wrote; “Any ‘friend’ who insults you ‘jokingly’ has revealed their true thoughts about you. Don’t laugh too much that you fail to take note of who said what, when and how. Take note of their tone. At no time do you see the real person behind the facade than when people are jesting or angry. Just joking means more than that!

A friend who joked that you are too stingy is most likely an enemy in disguise. Those kinds of thoughts don’t just come from nowhere. They have been brewing in the joker’s mind. In fact, no joke about money is really a joke. Because, money is a serious business!”

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