Friday, June 2, 2023
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“Any Woman Who Asks For Nothing Will Receive Nothing” – Nigerian Man Advises Women To Ask For Help

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A Twitter user known as @vvthefox has advised ladies to be bold to ask for help whenever they are in need.

He lamented that people believe the myth that women who ask for nothing, get everything. According to him, it doesn’t work that way, as he believes that a woman who asks for nothing, would receive even less than nothing.

“There’s a myth that a woman who asks for nothing will receive everything. The truth is that a woman who asks for nothing will receive even less than that.”

Reacting to his post, whitegurlname wrote: “I used to be too shy to ask for or mention something I wanted. Meanwhile, me and all the women I know will buy a man a pricey gift without blinking. I’m definitely not shy anymore!”

_ebbz_ said : “Nah this isn’t entirely true. In relationships I’ve asked for things that was reasonable but didn’t get them. But they didn’t personally ask for stuff but they got stuff from me because I’m a giver and I listen and observe.”

JustAlex added: “What happened to providing what you want for yourself just as how normal adults should.”

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