Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Baby Uses Noodles to Design His Body While Feeding Himself, Video Goes Viral, Gets 2m Likes

Baby Uses Noodles to Design His Body While Feeding Himself Video Goes Viral Gets 2m Likes

A kid who tried to feed himself with noodles has become a celebrity on TikTok.The video of the little baby gained attention and got 29 million views after it was posted on December 5 by Kitchen Kun Suda.

Obviously, in a bid to feed himself, the baby ended up leaving most of the noodles on his body.

Long strands of noodles could be seen hanging on his head, his shoulders, his belly, his face and every other part of his body.

Baby goes viral after designing his body with plenty of noodles

There was a plate in front of him but there were more noodles on his body than in the place.

It appears the baby refused to give up on feeding himself as he still had some noodles in his hands.

Also, his mouth was moving as he chewed away, meaning that some of the food got into his mouth.

Watch the video below:

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