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#BBTitans ‘”I told you, I don’t wanna be a side chick again.” —Blue Aiva to Yemi as he picks Khosi over her (Video)

Yemi and Blue

The triangle relationship between Yemi, Blue, and Khosi has continued to be the topic of discussion. Recall that last night Ebuka called out Yemi for being involved with two ladies in the Big Brother Titans House without Khosi knowing that Yemi sneaked out at night to kiss Blue and would come back to their shared bed with Khosi.Well, apparently Blue is tired of the whole situation.

After the live nomination, Yemi decided to have conversations with Blue, who opted to talk to Yemi and tell her how she feels about the triangle relationship.their conversations readYemi to Blue: I don’t want to hurt you, but now I’m in between, after this conversation if you don’t wanna talk to me again fine. I know we will have a great connection outside here.Blue Aiva: So you have been using me?Yemi Cregx: You are not honest with me, you are with Baqboi today,

with Marvin tomorrow and you tell them different things.Blue Aiva: I will kiss you in front of them, I don’t care.Yemi Cregx: I think you and I should be cordial for now. It’s a lot for me. It won’t change my feelings toward you. I like you but I don’t feel I can be with you and still be with her. It’s okay if you want to be with other guysBlue Aiva: It’s a lot for me too. I told you, I don’t wanna be a side chick.Yemi Cregx: Yes that’s why I’m having this conversation, we are on the same the video below

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