Sunday, May 28, 2023
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BBTitans: “Yemi is a bad boy” Yemi reminding Blue Aiva about what he did to her last night (Video)

Yemi and Blue Eva

Yemi reminded Blue Aiva about what he did to her last night, he said next time he will need to work more on her so can keep screaming his name the way she screamed his name twice last night when he was using his f!nger to play with her kontus.

Yemi Cregx and Blue talk about what went down under the sheets between them in last night’s conversation below.

Yemi – You Loved That Shii, We Could Go Again, Whether Your Leg Is Hurt Or Not

Imma Go Any Length Baby To Make Sure Your Good Tonight,

With All These Pain You Feel,

Imma Work My Hands From Your N!pples Down To Your C**t

Blue – It Was Nice I Wontt Lie

Yemi – Of course, it was Nice

Watch the video below;

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