Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Good Things Are Worth Waiting For – Man Reveals He And His Wife Kept Their Virginity Till Marriage

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A Nigerian man has said that contrary to popular belief there are men who keep themselves until their wedding night.

The man revealed via his Facebook page that he maintained his virginity till he got married and the same goes for his wife.

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According to the man known as Godfather Studios on Facebook, good things are worth waiting for that was why they made the decision to practice abstinence until marriage.

He further stressed the need for chastity especially on the part of women as he noted that they can reduce the level of fornication or adultery in society if they say no to men’s sexual advances.

He shared a photo with his wife and noted that they are proud to have waited till their wedding night.

The man wrote; “You say that there are no more men that will abstain from s x until marriage because you have made up your mind to give them sxx.

If women close their legs, men won’t sleep with trees. People look for excuses to cover their bad deed.

Abeg, na my wife be this, I waited until our wedding night before I could do like that. Good things are worth waiting for!!!!”

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