Thursday, June 1, 2023

“I Am Standing For My Brother In UK” – Cheating Partner Tells Fiancée Who Caught Him Marrying Someone Else

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A Twitter user known as Akogundrino has narrated how a woman who came for her friend’s wedding, caught her partner getting married.

She stated that the woman almost scattered the registry after seeing her fiancé get married to another person.

When she confronted him, he lied that it wasn’t his wedding, as he was standing for his brother who is in the UK.

She added that when the woman heard his unbelievable story, she tore his suit.

In her words:

This girl nearly scattered the Ikoyi registry last week. She came for her friend’s wedding only to see her fiancé getting married to another person. Dude legit told her he’s standing in for his brother who’s in UK. She first tear the guy suit.”

Reacting to the post, horlaiy said: “If truly the bridegroom is his brother, how come his fiancé don’t know about it, no transparency, truthfulness and openness in their relationship o, chaiii.”

Capstoneflesxy added: “The lies is not the problem for me, if the lady can use hand tear suit na small e remain she go take hand tear the guy into pieces.”

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