Thursday, June 1, 2023
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“I Don’t Think Yemi Is Someone I Will Date After The Show” –BBTians Star, Khosi Tells Thabang

Yemi and Khosi

Khosi, who is a housemate at the ongoing Big brother titans show has said that she does not think she and Yemi will date each after the show. She disclosed this in the latest conversation she had with Thabang. Khosi told

Khosi BBTitans

Thabang that Yemi entertains her and she enjoys his company in the house but at the same time, she can do without him. In her words; “I don’t think i and Yemi will have anything together after the Show”. “I enjoy his company and I don’t think we will date after the show”. “Is not like am chasing love…, He entertains me, keeps me on my toes and at the same time I can do without him“.

Thabang BBTitans

in other news, the ladies of the house, Yelisa, and Juvonne have been instructed by Biggie to wear costumes, make breakfast, do the dishes, and serve the house throughout this week. Recall that Mmeli, during his dairy session yesterday, referred to Nelisa as the bad apple and an instigator who needs to be eliminated from the house. He stated this while answering Biggie’s question about his strategy for the game. Mmeli’s statement came as a surprise to the viewers, who thought they were in a situational relationship.

Mmeli seems not to trust Nelisa, despite having a good time with her. Mmeli and Thabang have taken a turn to avenge their South African sisters. Nigerian housemate Yemi Cregx has been constantly playing on the South African female housemates, and it seems Mmeli and Thabang are out to avenge their sisters as they take turns playing on the Nigerian female housemates. While Mmeli is cheating on Sandra, Thabang is playing Olivia around like a ball.

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