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“I have dated three public figures, one of whom is an actress,” Laycon of BBNaija reveals about his love life.

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Laycon, the Big Brother Naija “Lockdown” winner, has spoken out about his love life. During a recent interview, the singer revealed some interesting details about his personal life. Laycon admitted to having a low-key relationship with three public figures. One of the public figures, he claims, is an actress. When asked about his industry preferences in relationships, Laycon stated that he does not date in any specific industry and that he could fall in love with anyone from any industry. “I’ve been in relationships with a few public figures, including an actress. But it was understated. I don’t date anyone in particular; I just like the people I like. “I’ve been in.

Remember how Laycon revealed his favorite qualities in a woman last year? The rapper, who has a large fan base known as ‘Icons,’ stated that he wants a woman who is attractive and has a large backside, among many other qualities. Laycon stated this in an interview with Accelerate TV. “I mentioned this in my ‘Shall we begin’ album,” he says. Joe Boy appears in the song. In it, I stated that I am looking for a girl who is pretty, has a big backside, is smart, intelligent, and hardworking, and who secures the bag and has my back. A lady who does not allow me to be stressed”.

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