Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Lady Cancels Wedding Because Fiancé Wanted Her To Stop Giving Her Parents Monthly Allowance

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A Nigerian lady has revealed that she called off her engagement few years ago because of an odd request her fiancé made that she was not comfortable with.

According to the woman known as @zynnnie, she used to send stipends to her parents every month, but her man was opposed to it and expressed displeasure.

When he objected to her continuing with the allowance she gives her parents, she decided to end the relationship.

Zynnnie explained that any man who disrespects her family or his own family is not the type of person she wants to be with.

She wrote; “I broke off an engagement with a man fews years ago cos he objected to the monthly stipend I send to my parents.

Mess with my family & you got to go!!! Mess with your own family & you got to go too. I don’t do well with unreasonable mistreatment of family members. Byyeeeee.”

Reacting, @Sandie_abeni said; Way to go, broke up with one because he said his mother was “yarning dust”. I didn’t need to think anything before he’ll come and tell my mother the same.

If they don’t respect their family; they won’t respect yours too.

@kikelomolonge; Mess with your family and you got to go is the addendum I didn’t know I needed because if he has no regard for his family hu hu hu to you.

@vic_ace; So any objection = messing with your family? I totally support taking care of one’s family. However, that guy may have just dodged a financially draining bullet. After that engagement, the next thing could be the guy shouldering that responsibility for you.

@merrybelz; Stipend he’s suppose to add to. People are so funny. Which lips will you use to tell me to even stop?

@cadycxy; As far as its your money you are sending to your family. Why should anyone have a problem with that?.

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