Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Meet Mustapha Gajibo, The Nigerian University Drop-out Who Builds 100% Electric Cars And The First Producer of Electric Vehicles In Nigeria

Meet Mustapha Gajibo The Nigerian University Drop out Who Builds 100 Electric Cars And The First Producer of Electric Vehicles In Nigeria

Education is important in every facet of life, but what you do with it, and the impact you make with it is what matters. Every year, millions of young people around the world drop out of school to either pursue their dreams or career path. Even though, for Africa, many see it as a taboo or a failure when one drops out of school with the insinuations that you may never be successful by choosing such a dangerous path.

In fact, many Africans are for the notion that “Education is the key to success,” but what many failed to realize from this quote is that education is not all about being in a classroom throughout your teenage and adult years, but what you learn every day from the things you do, see, interact with, and cross-path with – that’s education.

But many drop-outs are redefining and changing the narratives that drop-outs are pushovers, hit-or-miss, without direction, without a goal, without purpose and slapdash. Many of the world’s drop-outs are actually the ones with the most genius innovations and inventions of our time. They are resilient, hardworking, and determined to make a change through their innovations and inventions – Mustapha Gajibo is one of them.

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