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“Meet the first 12 housemates of BBTitans: Yemi, Khosi, Juicy Jay, Olivia, Nelisa,Blaqboi Mmeli, Nana, and other new housemates of the reality TV show.”

BBTians housemates

The housemates and participants were introduced into the house as they were set to give their best after much anticipation of the #BBTitansReality TV show. Remember that Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother, was set to premiere on television in January 2023?

Following several speculations, it has been confirmed that the show will start on January 15. The organizers of the reality show had revealed their plan to merge Big Brother Nigeria and Big Brother South Africa. In October, auditions for the reality show were opened, and it lasted for over two weeks, from October 6th to October 22nd.

The first 12 housemates on the TV show are listed below.

1. Khosi (25) is from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She says: “If you deserve fire, then fire shall come to you.” One thing about journalists? They will find out everything! While Khosi ?? pursues her career in this field, she will not miss the opportunity to chase some adventure. Click the link in the bio for more! #BBTitans

Khosi BBTitans

2. Yemi Cregx is tall, dark, and handsome! His confidence is popping, and he is in touch with his emotions. What’s there not to like? See more at the link in the bio!⁣#BBTitans

3. When your name is Juicy, you are bringing both the juice and the sauce, please! A semi-professional rugby player from the Eastern Cape, South Africa, to Biggie’s House, could Juicy Jay’s ?? love of the social scene make him a good sport in the house?⁣

Jucy jay BBTitans

4. A glam girl serving baddie energy, Olivia is an aspiring actress from Imo State in Nigeria. You are looking at a girl who is bold and daring.⁣Meet her at the link in the bio. #bbtitans

Olivia BBTitan

5. Originally from the Eastern Cape, now in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nelisa has her eyes on the bag. She is lively and spunky, with a tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve.⁣

Nelisa BBTitans

6 He’s an aspiring filmmaker, but Blaqboi ?? is ready to step into the spotlight and be the moment! From Plateau State, Nigeria to Biggie’s house, men’s zen personality and charm will sure melt the people. Click the link in the bio to meet him.⁣

Blaqboi BBTitans

7. Model and creator, Mmeli, is the fearless life to keep the streets on in Johannesburg. He stays unbothered by other people’s opinions!⁣
Mmeli BBTitans

8 Nana’s soft and zen personality draws everyone to her. The entrepreneur does not, however, conform to social norms. We are getting ready to be intrigued!⁣

Nana BBTitans

9. Objection, your Lordship! Ipeleng is a law student who is ready to step into the limelight and serve iconic moments on #BBTitans!⁣

Ipeleng BBTitans

10. Marvin ?? is a chemical engineer with modeling as a side hustle. Originally from Port Harcourt in Nigeria, and now based in Texas, USA, Marvin relishes in being a cute boy with brains.⁣

Marvin BBTitans

11. If anyone understands the game, it’s Thabang. The Soweto native is a sports data analyst on his hustle mode. Although his focus is on the grind, he doesn’t neglect any opportunity for groove. .

Thabang BBTitans

12. Don’t let your heart skip a beat, this nurse will know right away. Also a model, Jaypee ?? is a lover of love who is not afraid to flirt.

Jaypee BBTitans

Some things to look forward to on BBTitans

And, while Big Brother stans are already excited about a number of things in the loading era, Big Brother Titans will be unlike anything they’ve seen before. Simply put, two African titans will unite under Biggie’s roof. Fans can expect the unexpected due to the groundbreaking format in the upcoming season of the beloved reality show. Here is a list of things we are all looking forward to seeing:


In many ways, Big Brother is all about relationships. Whether romantic, platonic, friendly2, or otherwise, every housemate’s fate lies in the way they navigate dynamics in the house. As soon as they’ve unpacked their suitcases, conversations will begin. So will the passionate glances, the curious observations, and the playful banter.

From there on out, romantic relationships will begin taking shape. Some of them will crumble under the pressure, and others will go on to become power couples beyond their stay in the house. That’s not all; as friendships are formed, rivalries will also brew. The result? We will be entertained.


All eyes are on the bag. There’s the grand prize, the fame that comes with being on the show, the goodies that can be won during the games, and even the epic opportunities available for those who are hungry enough.

Here’s where it gets interesting: The pursuit of the bag leads to brutal moves. Backstabbing, deception, frenemies, and alliances with ulterior motives soon become commonplace. By now, the housemates should know that the hustler’s code in Biggie’s house is knowing that the bag won’t chase you. Get your hands dirty.


One thing about Biggie? He will make sure that his house has a positive atmosphere as a positive atmosphere. Good food will be available (for the most part), the parties will be flowing with no bill at the end, and the opportunities for great relationships will be endless. What Biggie can’t do, however, is stop real-life drama from striking the housemates as they make their moves. In the end, money and fame are at stake. There will be many hot messes. It will be delicious.

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