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“My Body Needs Rest”: Pregnant Soldier Posts Video of Her Baby Bump, Gives Birth (Video)

Pregnant Soldier Posts Video of Her Baby Bump Gives Birth Video 1

The video of a female soldier who just gave birth to a baby boy is currently trending on TikTok.

Shortly before giving birth, the soldier posted a video of her baby bump when she was 38 weeks pregnant.

It was at 38 weeks that she took maternity leave so as to properly rest and wait for the arrival of her bundle of joy.

Video of a pregnant soldier

In the video, she was seen eating voraciously while also saying she hadn’t taken a leave for the year.

Made it to 38 weeks and ya girl is TIREDDDD! My body needs rest, and it’s time to NEST at home until the baby boy comes … any day now within the next 2 or so weeks. So thankful I have enough leave occurred to take leave before my maternity /caregiver leave starts. I haven’t taken leave in almost a YEAR .. so this is well overdue.”

In another video, she showed when she already gave birth and how she happily cuddled her baby. TikTok users have joined to celebrate with her in the comment section of the video posted by @christinajackson._.

Watch the video below:

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