Friday, June 2, 2023
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Nigerian Lady Who Relocated to US, Became A Nurse, Returns Home And Builds Her Parents A Big Mansion (Video)

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A Nigerian lady has gone online to share how she overcame many challenges being away in America and succeeding. Sharing throwback photos of her last moments in Nigeria, the nurse said that she never thought she would one day leave her family behind. After achieving great success abroad, the Nigerian lady built her parents a mansion.

A Nigerian lady, who relocated to America some years ago has in a TikTok video recounted how the journey has been for her.

The lady Identified as @mylifeassugar_, revealed that she spent two decades of her life in Nigeria. Before leaving home, she had photos with her dad, mum and other family members.

In America, she had to battle loneliness and boredom. As a way to survive, she joined the military. To give herself better prospects in life, she became a nurse.

After succeeding abroad, the lady remembered home and built her family a mansion. Sharing photos of the house, she said:

“To all my immigrants, although it won’t be easy, with prayers, determination and hard work you can and will become all that you have dreamt of.”

See video below:

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