Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Pharmacist Dies At Hospital Over 24 Hours Lack Of Power Supply

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A Nigerian man known as @subpharmacist on Twitter has narrated how his co-pharmacist died due to lack of power supply in the hospital for over 24 hours.

He stated that the pharmacist had an accident and there was a blood clot in his brain.

He was on oxygen in the ICU due to his condition and then the power supply was cut off later on.

He wrote that there was no light in the hospital for more than 24 hours while this man was in critical condition. The man died because his oxygen supply was cut off as a result of a lack of electricity.

He added that the man has a wife and children. He further revealed to the public that it’s a 50/50 survival rate if you have an emergency health condition in Nigeria.

In his words:

“Man had an accident and there was “blood clots” in his brain. He was on oxygen in the ICU, and they took light. They took light, and for more than 24 hours there was no light, the gentlemen packed up. And guess what, he was a pharmacist, With a wife and children. If you have an emergency here, your chances are 50/50 already.”

Reacting to the post, pharm_Goodluck wrote: “An ICU doesn’t depend solely on PHCN for power supply. Any responsible hospital always has a generator on standby in case of power failure. That hospital doesn’t have a right to have an ICU if they can’t afford a generator.

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