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Suspicious Nigerian Mum Challenge Daughter’s Teacher Over ‘Strange’ Chalk

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A Twitter user known as dexterouz11 has narrated the story of a Nigerian mum who got concerned over her little daughter’s relationship with her teacher.

The mother claimed that her little daughter would always come back home with a piece of chalk.

The mother had grown suspicious and worried that her little daughter always returned from school with a particular short piece of chalk.

When she asks her daughter, she would not allow anyone touch it or throw it away and mentioned that her teacher gave it to her.

The worried mother rushed to her daughter’s school to share her experience, and there she found out that it was the teacher’s way of teaching the little girl how to keep things safe.

The teacher had instructed the little girl not to let anyone misplace her chalk, an instruction which she heeded diligently.

In his words:

This little girl always comes back from school with a short piece of chalk. Her mother has been worried about it cause the little girl doesn’t let her throw it away or take it away from her bag no matter what.

She asked her and the little girl said it was her teacher that gave her and she gave her instructions to keep it well and not tell anyone.

The woman traced teacher to school and teacher said it was her way of teaching the kids how to be careful with things.”

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