Sunday, May 28, 2023
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They don’t love us but want us to watch their show and vote”—Nigerians react as Khosi and Thabang say Nigerians have ashy, ashy feet (VIDEO)

Thanbang and Kosi

Netizens have reacted following a statement Big Brother Titans housemates Thabang and Khosi made on the show about Nigerians.

Their conversation reads:

Thabang: You should moisturize your feet.
Kosi: How come you didn’t tell me? Yemi has ashy, ashy feet.

Thabang: All Nigerians have ashy feet. They don’t care about their feet.
 Khos: Not my boyfriend

T: Your boyfriend is probably South African, just of Nigerian descent. Khosi

here are some of the comments their conversation generated 

Wetten Nigerians do this two? Nigerians get ashy feet How?? 

They don’t like Naija people but want Naija to vote for them

Thunder fire any Nigerian that will vote for this too

Thabang or whatever they call him is xenophobic. Let me see any rubbish comments under this comment and I will give you wotowoto. Know this and know peace

They don’t like Nigerians at all. See thabang categories all Nigerians like that. Any Nigerian supporting these two eh, ori e okpe rara.

The kind of insult Nigerians have received on this show. I hope this show never returns. They should mix SA and Ghana, we’ll vote for them

Even anytime they olay Naija music he hardly dance but just play SA that’s where you will see him dancing like somebody they just released from mental asylum,but almost all our Naija dancing to their songs whether they know it or not,Thank You God that I refused to Stan them rather supporting My Naija as whole

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