Sunday, May 28, 2023
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“This one shock me” ;fans in shock as Ebubu & Tsatsii (Royals) Nominated Kanaga Tsatsii love interest for possible eviction on Sunday


After the head of house games, biggie gave the housemates 1hr to get ready for the live nomination. The current heads of the house are Nana and Thabang.

Biggie started with Kanaiava, Blue Aiva nominated Juviola and Juvone pairs for possible eviction.

Maya: Marvin nominated Kanaiva and Khosicle

Royals: Ebubu nominated Blacqleng and Kanaiva

Juvone: Blacqleng and Royals

Yelisa: Nelisa nominated Kanaiva and Blacqleng

Juviola: Olivia nominated Khosicle and Blacqleng

Blacqleng: Ipeleng nominated Yelisa and Juvone

Khosicle: Khosi nominated Blacqleng and Maya

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