Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Women No Longer Marry For Love – Lady Claims

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A Twitter user known as @pallnandi has stirred reactions online as she claimed that women no longer marry for love.

According to her, men are the only gender that get married because they love their partner. She stated that women get married because of money, hoping to fall in love later.

In her words:

Sadly only Men still marry for love, Women marry for money hoping to fall in love later.”

Reacting to the post, _tidi_ wrote: “Most men marry a woman who is available to cater to his needs, not for love please.”

Convo_with_haryo said“Reason for marriage is different for everybody. Generalizing your notion is absolutely off-limit. If all women marry for money, why do we have marriages in the trenches? Why do we have homes where women chest the bills? Many Social media peeps be capping nonsense.”

Itsme_Beepz added: “Marriage HAS NEVER been about love for women. From the beginning of time, what determined a man’s eligibility is how well he can provide.”

See the post below:

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