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“Yemi 0; Khosi 10.” “The lady really knows how to play this game.” Fans react as #BBTians housemate Khosi begs her lover Yemi on her knees (video).

Kosi and Yemi

The recent drama on “BBTians Housemate” has elicited reactions from fans of South African TV star Khosi, a participant on the ongoing TV show, and another housemate from Nigeria, Yemi, who has been the topic of the TV show due to their triangle relationship between Yemi, Khosi, and Blue, another housemate from South Africa who happens to enjoy the attention she gets from Yemi without  Khosi noticing.

Khosi issued an ultimatum to Yemi shortly after their task presentation, giving him 5 hours to choose between her and Blue because she dislikes the divided attention she receives from Yemi. However, Yemi replies to her that she is a joker.

Yemi, on the other hand, expressed his dissatisfaction with the way she and her friend Thabang are closer to each other, and Khosi apologized and promised to adjust and put a stop to it. However, her fans were like, “She is fully aware of the Yemi and Blue secret kisses and all of that, and  she is only acting dumb as her game plan.”

watched the video below

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