Thursday, June 1, 2023
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“You Have Failed As A Mother If Your Son Cherishes You More Than His Wife” – Craze Clown

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Popular skit maker, Crazeclown, has aired his thoughts on relationships between mothers and their sons.

He stated that as a mother, if your son cherishes you more than his wife, then you have failed your role in your son’s life.

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In his words: “As a Mother, if your son prioritize you over his wife then you’ve failed as a Mother.”

Reacting to this post, Truelovegabrie5 wrote: “You are free to say whatever you like but my mother comes first ?%. I’d love my wife as expected of me but I cannot equate that love to the one I have for my mum.”

Emoruwa said: “I don’t know where you guys get all these ideas from. Your spouse is your number 1 priority then your children, followed by your parents. Its not supposed to be a competition.”

Drjcanago added: “And if you prioritize your wife over your mom, you are what? Both plays different roles in one’s life. While I understand what you are driving at, your word choice betrayed you. Your wife can’t be your mother, while your mother can’t be your wife. Both are important!”

ZeinabkazanA added: “This view is wrong, why would you marry someone who expects you to prioritize them over your mother. Heaven lies beneath the feet of your mother. Marry someone who knows their place and boundaries and most importantly respects your family.Then you wouldn’t feel the need to pick.”

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