Thursday, June 1, 2023
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“Your Girlfriend Is An 0losho If You Can’t Invite Her Over When You’re Broke” – Nigerian Man Writes

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A Twitter user known as sujodamystique has revealed how some men date ‘s*x workers’ and tag them girlfriends.

In his post, he lamented that some men have girlfriends, but avoid them when they are running low on cash, and won’t invite them over because they have to pay for certain bills such as transport fees, flexing money, etc.

He added that those kinds of girls are prostitutes acting like partners.

In his words:

Some of you have “girlfriends” that you can’t invite to your house on weekends when you’re running low on cash. You have to keep to and fro transport, flexing money, thank you for coming money, feeding money etc. But in your mind you don’t patronise olosho. Dey play.”

Reacting to this statement, shollayman said: “A stingy boyfriend cannot become a generous husband. If you like dey follow social media takes your neck go long pass giraffe own.”

Umorenjo wrote: “But ideally a gf shouldn’t be collecting money each time she goes to visit her BF na? Hian!”

Jstarrivedlagos added: “I remember one lady I was talking to, each time we met, money left my pocket. Even when I randomly ran into her on her street. One day I asked her if she was a deity or a shrine, cos she always demanded for something whenever we met, she was speechless. I dey avoid idol worship.”

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