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“You’ve given me one more year around the sun, and I will use it wisely,” Angel Smith says as she marks her 23rd birthday today.

Angel Smith 1

Former reality TV star Angel Smith turned 23 today, Monday, February 13, 2023. The Big Brother Naija season six participant took to her social media handle, counting and reflecting on her struggles and how far she has come since her childhood. Sharing some beautiful images, Angel Smith wrote:

Angel Smith

JiWhen I was younger and I’m still relatively young Lmaoo, I used to say “my life isn’t perfect but at least it’s okay”, I’m 23 today with a newfound vision, that my life IS perfect, the tears, the struggle, the heartbreaks, grief, and all the losses are what gave me strength to drag myself into today and I am sure 14 year old me who wanted to give up thinks I’m an absolute icon.

My life is perfect as is. It doesn’t matter what tomorrow holds, not the frustration, the uncertainty, the demotivation, I am here, present and it’s perfect. Time, I can think of all the many things you’ve taken from me and I can think of all the second chances you never gave me but today I remember that which you have given me, life and the grace to see 23 years although very tumultuous. You’ve given me one more year around the sun and I will use it wisely.

here is to more drunk calls with my friends, here’s to laughing until my tummy hurts, here’s to falling in love and falling out of love, here’s to one more hug from my mum, here’s to getting heartbroken just to piece myself back again. I embrace the entirety of life, the good, the bad, and the ugly, that’s what has made my 23 years on earth perfect, oh and I hope 14-year-old Angel knows we have sick tattoos now, she would have thought I was such a cool-ass person. Happy birthday to her.

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